Get your card today!

Get your card today!

How Membership Works

Food is priced on our shelves at non-member prices; members receive an additional discount at the register. Our yearly membership fee is $40.00 per person, $55.00 for a family. You can start your membership at any time. All memberships are individual, aside from the family membership. Memberships are not to be shared outside of the names associated on the accounts, and any children in their household under the age of 18. Extenuating circumstances must be approved by management. 

Working members do their work-time a month in advance, so that work-time is never owed at the Co-op. Work-time scheduling is necessary and will coincide with the needs of the store and will be determined by the priorities involved in the daily operation of the Co-op. Support your Co-op by keeping your commitment!

It is necessary to bring your membership card with you every time you shop at the Co-op. It is the member’s responsibility to show the membership card at the register in order to get the member discount. This policy maintains a balance of fairness for the majority of membership who keep their dues current. It will benefit you to show your card before your register transaction begins, as it will save time and confusion at the register.

Read our Membership Orientation Booklet

Membership Discounts

Discounts are given on all items except our co-op soups, coffee, deli items and special sale items that cannot be discounted because our mark-up per item is often negligible. Items marked with a red sticker are sale items.

Types of Member Discounts

Working member: 8%
Senior member (age 63+): 8%
Regular member: 2%

Low income memberships, charitable donations, and emergency assistance
Since its inception, the coop has a practice of making small donations in the form of gift certificates, food, and membership discounts for people who are in need, charitable community organizations, or in case of emergency.

Why Become a co-op member

Take as much or as little as you want from our bulk department. Less packaging and more savings!

Take as much or as little as you want from our bulk department. Less packaging and more savings!

A co-op is not a co-op without members. As a member, you are a part owner.

When people think of co-ops, they think about saving money, but that’s not the only reason to join a co-op.

Reason #1: Co-operative membership is about contributing to a community. Your membership gives you a voice into how our co-op's purchasing power helps support the community in which you live. More than 25% of our shelves and cases are stocked with local produce, grocery items, and health/beauty products.

Reason #2: The food we stock is organic, carefully chosen, and environmentally conscious. We make this amazing food available to you and everyone in the community.

Reason #3: Wanting to support an organization that is run co-operatively. We are proud to be part of a network of co-ops across the globe.

But back to the savings: The co-op doesn’t make you wait until the end of the quarter to see if there’s a profit. Non-working members see the profits from their investment in the co-op with the 2% discount they receive at the cash register every time they shop. Working members receive an 8% discount.

Prices are comparable to other stores, although prices can vary because as a small business we store all of our goods in our 2400 square-foot space. This means our bulk foods are some of the freshest available for purchase in the Hudson Valley.

We really value the input of our members. We listen to feedback about our products. We have a relationship with our members. You have a say in the direction of the co-op and we want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page with any concerns or suggestions.