Membership Dues Structure is Changing March 1st

Dear Co-op Members,

Since 1976 the High Falls Food Co-op has been dedicated to serving our local community. And, you’ve always been there for us. Ever since we opened our doors, the Co-op has depended on your membership to survive. We ask for your support now, as we change our membership dues structure for the first time in 15 years

Because we run a lean operation whose goal is to provide value to you and not turn a big profit,  we haven't always prioritized reinvestment back into the Co-op. This has made it difficult for us to carry out basic store needs such as: purchasing new equipment, making store repairs, keeping shelves stocked, maintaining staff hours, and planning for our future.

In order for us to remain stable, pay our employees fairly, and continue to grow and serve our community, we need to do some things differently. We’ve learned from many other co-ops in the Northeast that we need a smart approach for investing in our Co-op, while still rewarding our members for their support.

Members pay annual dues and receive discounts. Over the course of a year, these discounts add up to tens of thousands of dollars, and last year, the discounts totaled approximately $90,000. Currently, member dues collected make up less than a third of discounts given annually. Since we’ve opened our doors, this has added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and has become a significant financial weight on the Co-op.

After careful consideration and consultation with HFFC Staff, the High Falls Food Co-op Board of Directors voted to amend our membership dues and discounts on Monday, January 21. These changes will take effect on March 1, 2019. In addition, we are implementing an upward voluntary sliding scale. As different members have different means, we hope that those who can afford to pay more will do so.

The money generated from these changes will be reinvested directly back into to the Co-op, ensuring the co-op’s sustainability and financial health. We believe in the value of the High Falls Food Co-op, and are fiercely committed to keeping our doors open for a long time. This is a major step in that direction. We are only as strong as the members of our community, and we are confident that together, we will be able to help steer the Co-op towards financial health, stability, and sustainable growth.

Interested in learning more? Stop by the Co-op Thursday, Feb 28 through Sunday Mar 3rd, between 1-5pm to speak with Board Members. You can also speak with Managers Jodi Fogel and Ruth Molloy at any time. Members are always encouraged to attend board and committee meetings. Details of our meetings are listed on our website: You can also email us at:


The High Falls Food Co-op Board of Directors

Shown below are the changes to Membership Dues and Discounts.


Annual Membership Dues as of March 1, 2019

Sliding Scale: Memberships have a starting price, and if you can afford to pay more, we welcome it!
The more you can afford to pay, the more you’re making an investment in the Co-op. Thank you!

Membership             Annual Fee         Sliding Scale Cap

Individual membership       $40             $150

Family membership         $55             $250

Business membership         $100           $500

Membership Discounts as of March 1, 2019

Regular member (Individual or Family) - 2%

Working member (Individual or Family) - 8%

Senior member - 8%

Business member - 10%

Discount Contribution

Members will have the option to contribute their discount to the Co-op.

Discounted Membership Program

A discounted regular membership is available for people with limited means which lasts for one year, or less if financial circumstances improve. All participants must reapply annually. People qualifying must be receiving assistance from at least one of the following: SNAP, WIC, SSI, Medicaid. Please contact Jodi Fogel, General Manager, for more information

Jake Farrell