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From the surface, you could perceive HFFC as another natural and health food store.  We carry a good deal of similar items, side by side, with some comparative food stores.  But here is our “twist”---

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Standards: About Our Fresh Meat

We at High Falls Food Co-op take sourcing seriously. We want to make sure our members and shoppers are being offered the best, healthiest, and most sustainable foods available. We strive to make sure that you are fully informed an empowered when shopping with us. The following is a list of our regional and local fresh meat providers. “Fresh meat” meaning meat that is not frozen, and found in our meat and cheese case. 

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HFFC Food Standards Part 2: Comparing Organic and Non-GMO Food

In September’s HFFC Newsletter, I wrote an article outlining The High Falls Food Co-op’s food standards; basically what our buyers prioritize when choosing products to sell under our roof. After writing that article, and getting feedback from others, I felt like there was so much more to say and that I should expand the topic by exploring on the details of our food standards. In this HFFC Food Standards installment I wanted to train my researcher’s eye on clarifying the differences between the labels “Organic” and “Non-GMO”.

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For 40 years the High Falls Food Co-op has been committed to providing it’s members and shopping community with the healthiest, most environmentally safe, and animal welfare friendly products.

Our product standards reflect our by-laws which state that the HFFC “make(s) directly available foods that are wholesome, economical and are as organic and additive free as possible, and represent alternative nutritional sources. Other goods will be made accessible which reflect similar concern for their effect on the health and environment during production and disposal. Local and regional networks will be supported, particularly for ecological and economical reasons that further our purposes.”

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