Rounding-up Towards Expansion

On January 21st the Co-op had initiated a round-up program at the register, allowing customers to round-up to the next dollar, or to donate any amount they choose. The money collected from this program will be used towards a Co-op expansion and any of the studies needed to do so. Right now we are still at the beginning of the expansion process and before we get too excited, you may have some questions. Our cashier supervisor and Staff representative to the Board Evan has written up a short Q&A to address what the money will be used for, and how to help beyond donation. You can read this Q&A below.

Where is my money from ‘rounding-up’ going?

Each cent that you contribute to ‘rounding-up’ to the next dollar of your purchase will be used to pay for a feasibility study carried out by a consulting group.

What is a feasibility study?

A feasibility study is a systematic way of assessing the viability of a possible expansion: analyzing market, financial, and design feasibility as well as internal readiness.

What stage are you in expansion?

We are at the very beginning stages.  Typically Stage One of an expansion process focuses on assessing feasibility, committing to an idea, and strengthening and positioning our vision.  This stage can last anywhere from three months to three years, before moving on to Stage Two, which focuses on design and financing.


What are the benefits of expanding?

Expanding will allow the HFFC to offer a wider variety of inventory and will allow us to offer more services to our community. 


How can I become involved?

We encourage all members to join in the discussion.The Expansion Committee meets monthly, and the date and time will be posted on the blackboard above the produce case, as well as online.If you have any questions, please contact Zack Brown, Head of the Board Expansion Committee, at

Jake Farrell