Get to know us: Kerry


Since November 2017, Kerry M. has graced the Co-op with her cheerful and hard-working presence. In her role as Grocery Assistant, Kerry helps to order and organize all of the amazing products that we love--from the ever popular Kevita Master Kombuchas to the local, always lovable Bjorn Quorn. There are days that Kerry has been here at 6 AM making sure that an incoming order is processed and ready to stock, and there are nights that she has returned to the store after her shift, just to make sure that the shelves are ready for the weekend. In honor of her diligence and care, let's get to know her a little bit better:

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

When I am not working at the Co-op, I coach Softball and Volleyball at Roundout Valley High School, play in an adult Softball League, and like to travel as much as I can. Some of my favorite places to visit are Mexico and North Carolina, but I also enjoy exploring the Hudson Valley and attending local music festivals. I also love spending time with my beautiful and loving Golden Retriever named Ace. 

What do you like about working at the Co-op?

Since I came to the Co-op last November, I have always loved the people that I work with. We keep as open a line of communication as possible, and I am grateful for the possibility that this environment allows for taking initiative and sharing ideas. There is always something to learn and to do, and as Grocery Assistant I am always working on new projects such as deep cleaning and making sure that our back-stock area is organized and accessible. I am also very glad that working at the Co-op allows for me to continue coaching at the high school, as this remains one of my main passions. 

Ace, Kerry's loyal companion. 

Ace, Kerry's loyal companion. 

What are some of you favorite products?

It was not until several months ago that I tried the dried fruit in the bulk section, but now the dried mango is my favorite healthy snack. I also love the Morning Blend Juice in our Grocery Section, and the local arugula in the Produce Section. I am always amazed by the variety of local vegetables that we have in stock and I've begun making impromptu salads for lunch at work. 

What are some things we may be surprised to know about you? 

I am one of six children and grew up in Cottekill. I have always loved organizing, and I never find planning to be a chore. I love organizing the practice schedules and the game plans for the girls that I coach, and this carries over into my role at the Co-op.I have always been a very family-oriented person and the Co-op has become a kind of second family.  

Thank you for all of your hard work Kerry! Tell Ace, that glorious golden retriever, that we love him too!

Danielle Adams