We Love Local: Cowbella Yogurt

We love discovering quality products, especially when they come from local, passionate, ethical and responsible farmers. Products like Cowella Yogurt, a new addition to our dairy coolers. Made in Jefferson, NY by a family in dairy farming for the past seven generations! You can taste the love in Cowbella yogurt. We're so impressed, we want to share more info about Cowbella with you!

Their practice is built on family and integrity:

"Danforth Jersey Farm was established in 1817 and set the foundation for creating Cowbella nearly 200 years later. In a world where the majority of people are so far removed from agriculture and where their food comes from, buying from local family farms allows you to support the practices you want to see in how your food is produced. Industrial factory farms are focused on the bottom line. This small farm runs on integrity and transparency - not on cutting corners at the expense of the welfare of our community, environment or animals."

Their cows are living well:

"Danforth Jersey Farm is the home that cows know their entire lives. They live a life of love, respect and affection. Each cow has a name, not a number. In 1919, the family bought their first Jersey bull and heifer, the founding animals of the herd that today is one of the longest established Jersey herds in the country.

Cutting corners on the cows' diet, health and environment is not an option. This is not a choice that people who want to make the most money possible from their cows decide to do, but it's the choice that Cowbella wants for the farm. The cows graze on acres of sweet green grass. Danforth Jersey Farm also grows baleage, traditional dry hay, haylage and corn silage to keep the cows healthy. No rBST or growth hormones ever.

In the right weather, the cows come inside just for milking. From May to early November, they are free to stay out all night if they please. When they let us know they're ready, they're welcomed back in. Even in the winter, the girls go out for exercise everyday. Each cow has her own personalized stall with her name on it. The stalls each have a mattress bedded with fresh chopped straw every day. Danforth Jersey Farm never docks tails, brands or overcrowds the cows."

They're award winning:

Winner, 2017- NYS AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Next Generation Farmer Award, Shannon Mason 

The Next Generation Farmer Award recognizes both a long-standing operation that is excelling under new leadership and owner/operators who are brand new to agriculture and food production.

Shannon Mason, the sixth generation at Cowbella Creamery at Danforth Jersey Farm in Jefferson, was honored. The farm dates to 1817. Mason now operates the farm with her family and in 2010 created Cowbella, a farmstead creamery producing butter, yogurt and bottled milk.


Winner, 2013- American Jersey Cattle Association THE YOUNG JERSEY BREEDER AWARD

And More! 

We are so pleased to offer Cowbella yogurt at the co-op. Try it and let us know what you think!