A Bulk Container Update

by: Ruth Molloy

The pronouncement by the NYS Dept of Health regarding the prohibition of recycled containers for the purchase of nut and seed butters set us back on our heels this January!  Not only does this prevent our members, customers (and us!) from using their preferred glass jars from home, it also seems backward by forcing customers to use the plastic containers for sale in the Bulk Room.

Addressing the Co-op's supply of plastic containers has been an agenda item for quite some time.  We have made a number of successful changes to our deli department for take away items: coffee cups are now more sustainable with no PVC liners, as are soup containers; and some of our prepared food items are now available in paper containers with no PVC liners.  Take out utensils are now completely biodegradable, too.

Unfortunately, our latest try to "fix" the plastic container issue for our bulk oils, nut butters and other liquids resulted in spillage and leakage from ill-fitted lids!  The new products were just not the quality we are in need of.  The search continues!

As your community co-op store, the staff wants you to know that clean, non-toxic practices are a priority, as is the impact our consumer habits have on the earth in the long-run.  We will be as glad as all of you when we can fully state that our bulk packaging is as clean as possible and leaves the smallest footprint on our environment.

p.s.  With Spring upcoming and Summer in the foreseeable future, the Co-op is beginning to feature bamboo cutlery, again.  Create a sustainable party, or just carry these with you.  I have, for nearly eight years; and I think about the plastic I have kept from ending up in the environment.

Your Co-op has also been carrying cotton grain bags and cotton mesh bags for produce.  Give them a try!