Membership Update: Family Membership

Membership Update: Family Membership

by: Ruth Molloy

Many members have been objecting to our policy enforcement of discounts being available to cardholders only, thereby, eliminating non-member partners and spouses from discount-recipient status.  We have been working toward a solution to the dilemma of the Family Membership which was available and widely used until the installation of our Point-of-Sale (POS) system, three years ago.

Our POS system streamlines the renewal process and clearly defines the renewal date for each membership.  But the POS came with an inherent limitation:  an inability to incorporate family memberships into the automated system.

It is in the best interests of your community co-op to stand by its policy of giving discounts to actual members, only.  It protects the financial status of the organization, honors the discounts earned by volunteer member/owners, and acknowledges the diligence of members who renew without question and the integrity of the co-operative principals which govern any consumer co-operative.

Our Membership and IT staff have recognized this need and are working toward identifying a method, whereby, Family Memberships can become an option again.  It is our hope to bring this availability to the Semi-Annual Membership Meeting on Monday, April 16th

Stay tuned for further updates!


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