Deep River Potato Chips: Giving Back

Deep River Potato Chips: Giving Back

By: Kristin Avery

Deep River Snacks offers a wide variety of kettle cooked chips. They have eighteen delicious flavors, all non-gmo and gluten free! High Falls Food Co-op is proud to carry this line of snack chips, not only because of their quality, but because Deep River gives 10% of their chip sales net profit to many different charities. The charities are picked based on their personal connection with an employee of the company. We love that! 

The ORIGINAL SEA SALT AND PINK HIMALAYAN SEA SALT chip line gives its 10% to the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation. The money raised from those sales are given to the foundation and they use the money to do cancer research. Deep River picked this foundation because the operations manager’s best friend had breast cancer but lost her battle in 2005, leaving behind a large family. 

The AGED CHEDDAR & HORSERADISH AND CLASSIC chip lines raise funds for CKF, which is used to promote life saving organ and tissue donations. The founder of Deep River found out that his son was sick and may need a liver transplant at some point in his life. The foundation is teaching people about organ donations and how important they can be and how they can save a life.  

The ALL DRESSED UP AND MESQUITE BBQ chip lines raise funds for the American Liver Foundation. This foundation raises money for many different kinds of liver disease, they help raise awareness and fund research.  

The HONEY BBQ chip line raises funds for MitoAction. MitoAction tries to improve the quality of life for people who have mitochondrial disease. The son of the sales manger of Deep River lost his battle with mitochondrial disease at the young age of 18. MitoAction aims to find a cure for this incurable disease. 

The NEW YORK SPICY DILL PICKLE chip line supports Caroline’s Miracle Foundation, which strives to help children with inoperable brain tumors. Deep River heard about Caroline and held potato sack races and other events to support her cause. Caroline attended that day, which would be the last where she could physically smile due to the tumor. Sadly, a few days later she passed away. Now Deep River raises money for this organization so they can perform little miracles for children like Caroline. 

The SEA SALT VINEGAR, NINJA GINGER AND SOUR CREAM ONION chip lines raise funds for an organization called Curable. The 10% of net sales from those three flavors go to researching a cure for primary sclerosing cholangitis. Deep River is helping raising funds for this charity because PSC and Crohn’s disease afflicted the founder’s son, who has suffered from both diseases. Deep River and Curable strive to find a cure for each of these diseases one day. 

The ROSEMARY AND OLIVE OIL chip line supports the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, which brings awareness and education about both conditions. Deep River company picked this charity due to the founder’s son’s experience with Crohn’s. 

The SALT & CRACKED PEPPER AND PINK HIMALAYAN SALT & VINEGAR chip lines support Feed The Children foundation. This charity is helping raise money to end child hunger around the world. Deep River is committed to this charity because many of their employees are parents, and they do not want to see any child go hungry. Feed The Children helps feed children all around the globe every day. 

The SWEET MAUI ONION chip line helps support an organization called Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation For Autism. This foundation helps people and families who are affected by the autism spectrum, they strive to keep people active and live an independent life. The CEO’S family has been impacted by autism, so this charity is close to their hearts. 

The ZESTY JALAPENO chip line helps support the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. This foundation helps people who have paralysis. The vice president of sales best friend was paralyzed from the neck down in a life altering accident. This foundation helps raise awareness on spinal cord injuries and helps to better the quality of life of people whom are affected by paralysis. 

All the charity’s and foundations are picked by employees of Deep River. In this upcoming year Deep River is showcasing a new flavor and new foundation to support. The flavor is BLACK TRUFFLE but the organization is yet to be posted. Deep River is striving to make a difference for people every day of their life. We choose to carry their line of products because of what they do for society.