EMF Education: 9 Ways to Stay Healthy in a Technological World

As Fall arrives and the leaves turn those majestic and familiar hues of orange and crimson, it easy to see the natural beauty that surrounds us. Many of us may take to the mountains for a brisk hike, ride our bikes on the local trails, and visit the Co-op and Farmer’s Market for local and organic produce, but it is also important for our health that we take steps to lessen the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on our body and mind.

In a recent interview with local resident and activist Kate Reese Hurd, we sought to learn more about electromagnetic fields, EMFs—how exactly might they affect us, and what are some simple steps that we can take to lessen their impact on our lives?

(Please note that the following information is based on the experience, opinions, and research conducted by Ms. Hurd. While the High Falls Food Co-op does not directly endorse these opinions, we remain interested in promoting community health, information, and outreach and believe that information about possible health hazards is important.)

As Kate points out, the electromagnetic field of the earth is a naturally occurring phenomenon and every form of life has sensors that allow them to use different frequencies of radiation within this system, such as to navigate and find food or nesting places. Electrical frequencies also serve as key means of communication between cells in humans, animals, and plants, in order to regulate all manner of body systems and processes— such as the production and use of neurotransmitters and hormones.

In modern history, however, wireless devices and other electronics are producing chaotic signals that interfere with our internal messaging systems. All kinds of wireless and microwave- radio frequency technologies such as cellphones, wireless routers, and microwave ovens are harnessing and capitalizing on the electrical and electromagnetic laws of nature without taking into account the short and long- term health effects of these innovations. These inventions are created in the name of progress and efficiency, but they are contributing to the rapidly declining health of our selves and our planet.

So what are some changes that we can make in our daily lives to lessen the impact of man-made EMFs?

1.     Refrain from carrying your cellphone on your body (i.e. pants or jacket pockets)

2.     Utilize the speaker function on your phone or try using an airtube headset. An airtube headset delivers sound through an air-filled wireless tube attached to each earbud and can be easily found on Amazon and other websites

3.     Power off your cellphone completely when it is not in use

4.     Turn off WiFi Router on your internet router (at the account webpage if the unit does not have a switch). Turn off the WiFi in your computer and printer and install ethernet ground cables or other ground connections to all device work stations.

5.     Install a corded land line at home that only plugs into a phone line jack. Get rid of all cordless or DECT phones completely (or use only the corded headset with only the line to the telephone jack —(unplug the power adapter that fuels the wireless)

6.     Plug other electronic devices into power strips or get individual on/off toggle switches to plug them into at the outlet, so you can power them off totally when they are not in use.

7.     Use incandescent light bulbs and shut off when not using. Compact fluorescent and other new types of bulbs often produce strong electromagnetic fields.

8.     Change dimmer switches to regular on/off switches

9.     Resist the urge to ‘upgrade’ to ‘smarter’ devices. The smarter the device the more EMFs it produces.

Since we cannot normally perceive EMF/WiFi radiation, we can also utilize detectors such as the Stetzer or Greenwave detectors that can plug into household sockets to read the hazardous frequencies emitted by any device.  Another very simple way to perceive these frequencies is to turn a transistor radio to AM just below the lowest station. When EMFs increase the sound of the static will become much louder.

As Kate reminds us, there is a town called Green Bank in the hills of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, where cellphones are illegal due to the town’s proximity to the Green Bank Telescope operated by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Since the telescope is highly sensitive to radio frequencies, cellphone usage would interfere with its power to detect distant galaxies. So how are Green Bank’s residents dealing? They are talking to each other in person and showing up places when they say they will! They are relying on human rather than electronic connection and they are thriving.

Learning about the full impact of man-made EMFs does not have to be daunting and frightening. Rather, we can feel empowered by our ability to make simple but important changes in our lives to lessen their power. We can find hope in our adaptability and perseverance and we can awaken our awe to the natural world rather than the light of our cellphone screens.

For more information about the impact of EMFs and how to become involved in advocating for lessening their impact on a national level, contact Kate Reese Hurd at either kreehu@gmail.com or send mail to P.O. Box 331 High Falls, NY 12400





Danielle Adams