Membership Card Policy as of January 2018

A note to our members: 

Please respect your membership privilege. Do not share your discount. 

Since the installation of our Point-of-Sale nearly three years ago, all memberships are purchased at $20.00 per individual for one year. 

An individual membership means that only the person named on the membership may use it to earn a discount at any time. 

The discount, as well as representation by the Board of Directors, does not extend to: 

-a spouse

-an adult child

-a roommate or friend

-a partner

Any member who does not present their card at the register will need to show some form of ID to receive their discount. If the name on the ID does not match the name on the membership, the discount will not be extended.

Please ask to speak to a manager or supervisor about our Extenuating Circumstances Policy or if you need further clarification. 

Thank you for your cooperation.