Recipes: Organic Pierogies (For Less!!!)

There’s a lot of debate over the cost associated with shopping organic. Certainly some products can be more expensive due to availability or sourcing, but in general, one doesn’t have to break the bank in order to eat organic. One of our assistant grocery managers, Kristen Avery, set out to prove it.

Kristen’s background in event planning and the culinary arts makes her a perfect candidate for just such a challenge. With a little help from our vintage copy of the 1984 High Falls Food Co-op Cookbook, Kristen selected a recipe and determined the cost to make it with organic ingredients from High Falls Food Co-op, versus the cost to make it with non-organic ingredients from a chain supermarket. Which will be more budget friendly??? Let’s find out!

HFFC’s Classic Pierogies


Price per unit Non-Organic/ Organic  Price Non-Organic/ Organic

2 cups all purpose flour                     $.0.10oz/ $0.10oz                    $1.60/ $1.60

2 eggs                                               $0.17ea/ $0.49ea                    $0.34/ $0.98

1/2 cup sour cream                            $0.22oz/ $0.33oz                    $0.88/ $1.32

1tsp oz salt                                         $0.05oz/ $0.04oz                   $0.01/ $0.01

6 cups baking potatoes                      $0.10oz/ $0.10oz                    $4.80/ $4.80

1 cup anchor cheddar                        $0.53oz/ $0.39oz                    $4.24/ $3.12

1 tsp garlic powder                            $0.96oz/ $1.32oz                    $0.15/ $0.21

1 tsp black pepper                            $1.33oz/ $1.32oz                    $0.21/ $0.21

6 tbsp butter                                        $0.45oz/ $0.53oz                   $1.35/ $1.59

1.5 cups yellow onions                        $0.12oz/ $0.08oz                   $1.44/ $0.96



-Peel, cook, dice, mash potatoes

-Add cheese, salt, pepper, garlic, 1 tbsp butter and stir until smooth


-Mix flour, eggs, and sour cream together until a ball is formed

-Roll out dough dough ball until 1/8” thick

-Cut 3” circles (about 24)

Fill each circle with 1 tbsp of filling. Fold over and seal with fingers.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and add pierogis.

The pierogis are ready when they float to the top.

Cut onions into strips and caramelize them in a pan with the remaining butter.

Combine pierogis with onions to serve.

Total cost ORGANIC: $15.02

Total cost Non-Organic: $14.89


HFFC non-working member 2% discount: $14.79

HFFC working member 10% discount: $13.97


Thanks to Kristen for showing us that is pay to shop smart and shop organic at High Falls Food Co-op.