Our Team: Zelda Duke, Vendor

Zelda Duke is a magician in the kitchen. As a vendor to High Falls Food Co-op, Zelda provides us with a stunning array of healthy, wholesome, organic meals week after week. You may have had one of her decadent desserts, satisfying soups, or delectable vegan dinners. Packaged with colorful labels and care, of course.

Because there’s just something about Ms. Duke that aligns so well with Valentine’s Day, we decided to catch up with the elusive  culinarian for this February newsletter.

Zelda Duke has been cooking for HFFC for three years. She recalls, “It all started with deviled eggs. My daughter’s partner had an egg farm at the time, so I was flush with all these beautiful eggs. I had some spare time on my hands, and I wanted to start a new project. One day it dawned on my that people love deviled eggs, but who in the world has the time to make them? Well… I did! And plenty of eggs. So I whipped up a batch, brought them down to the co-op, and the rest is history.” It’s true, we loved those deviled eggs. In fact, they are still regularly in our deli case today.

Of course all of Zelda’s offerings available at the co-op are organic, her favorite to make, she says– her prepared, organic, vegan dinners. “I love it because I can be creative. I really put a lot of thought into what I’ll be making. I don’t want people to be eating the same thing every time they grab one of my dinners. I’ll rotate favorites, but I like to keep it fresh. Keep offering something new.”

Considering that we’re in Valentine’s season, we asked Zelda Duke for any tips she might have for making the perfect meal for that special someone. “Don’t overcook the vegetables,” she tells us with a smile. “Keep it simple. You know, everybody loves a baked potato, and that couldn’t be simpler!” She continues, “Or salmon. Salmon is easy. Listen. everybody’s got YouTube. Figure out what you want to make and watch a video about how to do it. It’s great. We all have access to so much information. Use it.” Before we wrap up she remembers one more vital tip, “Oh! I almost forgot! It’s very important to make everything with love. That’s the secret ingredient.”

We are so fortunate to have Zelda Duke in our lives to prepare the healthy, organic, delicious foods that keep this community running. Thank you Zelda Duke. Will you be our Valentine?

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