We Love Local: Stars Of The Meadow Flower Farm

Flowers can be a great addition to any tablescape or household. A little bit of beauty to dazzle the senses and lift the spirit. At High Falls Food Co-op, we are proud to offer lovingly grown, fresh cut flowers from Stars of the Meadow, an organic flower farm (located just seven miles from our door) in Accord, NY. Marybeth Wehrung is the owner and farmer at Stars of the Meadow. We sat down with her to talk inspiration, motivation, and to get some flower education.

Marybeth Wehrung began her farming career as part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) group, specializing in medicinal herbs called Wild Wind Herbal.  During her time with Wild Wind Herbal, Marybeth began growing flowers as a hobby alongside the medicinal plants. “It went well,” she says, “So well that I decided to start selling the flowers at High Falls Food Co-op as Stars of the Meadow. That was 2012.” As more and more of the flowers she planted bloomed, so did Marybeth’s love for that work. “I found myself drawn to the flowers. I decided to put all of my energy there.”

“The success I had selling flowers at the co-op helped me expand my flower business. High Falls Food Co-op truly supported me. They truly support local farmers.” We are so happy we were able to help. Over the past four years, Stars of the Meadow has grown to be a successful, admirable, sustainable local business.

We asked Marybeth how she first found the High Falls Food Co-op. “Well, years ago, I was visiting a friend living in Rosendale. I was based in New Paltz at the time, and becoming more and more interested in healthy eating. Discussing this, my friend showed me her pantry… Bulk peanut butter… WHOA!  If that weren’t enough, she fed me popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast. I had to learn more. I had to visit this place with all of this wonderful food. The rest is history.”

One of the things Marybeth loved about the co-op was that the fact that we offered a large selection of locally grown food. “It’s important to choose to buy local flowers, just as it is local food. The global floral industry has a large amount of problems. From human rights issues, to transportation— which consumes huge amounts of fossil fuels.” She adds, “Supporting local businesses that use organic practices, simply put, conserves resources and land. Plus, local flowers supply insects with nectar. Our pollinators love that.”

We adore Marybeth and all of her flowers, but we had to ask, which flower is her favorite. “New ones! Flowers I haven’t yet seen! Though, I do have a special place in my heart for dahlias. I’m always looking to expand my crop. This year I’m growing lots of scabiosa. There are a million varieties of flowers. There is no end to discovering favorites.” She continues about her botanical love, “I’ve always been fascinated by plants. When people come into the presence of flowers something energetic happens that transforms them. It happens to me, too. As some would say, ‘As I grow the flowers, the flowers are growing me’.”

Field season for Stars of the Meadow is May to October. Bouquets are available at High Falls Food Co-op, as well as other local farm stands and flower shops. For large orders or special events, contact Marybeth at Stars of the Meadow directly. Treat yourself to a bit of beauty while supporting local farming. Thank you Marybeth for your work with flowers. Thank you Marybeth for your work in this community.