Standards: About Our Fresh Meat

We at High Falls Food Co-op take sourcing seriously. We want to make sure our members and shoppers are being offered the best, healthiest, and most sustainable foods available. We strive to make sure that you are fully informed an empowered when shopping with us. The following is a list of our regional and local fresh meat providers. “Fresh meat” meaning meat that is not frozen, and found in our meat and cheese case. 

Yellow Bell Farm
Red Hook, NY 

Yellow Bell Poultry Farm chickens are 100% free of all drugs and additives, and hand prepared one at a time with attention to detail. On the farm the birds are cage free with ample room to roam both in a barn and outside. Owned and operated by a third generation poultry farmer, Yellow Bell Farm’s product travels just 23 miles to get to HFFC.

Campanelli Farm
Kenzoa Lake, NY

Located 53 miles west of High Falls, this regional poultry farm raises antibiotic free, hormone free, and steroid free poultry. Chickens roam in open air barns in a humane and healthy environment. The co-op also carries Campanelli eggs, and seasonally, turkeys during the holidays. 

Hidden Camp Farm
Canajoharie, NY

Hidden Camp Farm provides the co-op with chickens and eggs of a very high quality. USDA organic, soy free, and pastured on 140 acres of lush rolling farmland in quiet upstate New York, 101 miles from HFFC. 

Bilinski Sausage Co.
Cohoes, NY

Billinski chickens are raised humanely, are free range, and spend much of their time outdoors in an unfenced pasture where they can forage and roam, coming into the barn at night. Chickens are fed GMO-free and antibiotic-free feed. They grow at natural rates, allowing them to lead happy, healthy lifestyles. Sausage from Billinksi’s travels 75 miles from Cahoes to HFFC. 

The Piggery
Ithaca, NY

The Piggery works with small, sustainable farms in Trumansburg, Enfield, and Eaton, New York. These farms humanely raise their pork and turkey, which are processed by The Piggery at their family owned butcher shop which is 160 miles from High Falls Food Co-op. 

Larchmont Charcuterie
Processed in Larchmont, NY

Larchmont Charcuterie source their pork and beef from small farms which use organic practices in Pennsylvania. Their organic duck comes from Long Island, NY. Larchmont Charcuterie uses natural, vegetable-extracted ingredients in their curing process, ensuring full flavor and long-lasting stability.  Their products contain no added nitrates, sodium phosphate, or sodium erythorbate. Products travel approximately 95 miles on their journey from Larchmont, NY to High Falls Food Co-op. 

Mountain Products Smokehouse
Processed in LaGrangeville, NY

Mountain Products Smokehouse source all of their pork, beef, and turkey meat from small Amish farms in Pennsylvania. They uses Bell and Evans chickens, which are all natural and humanely raised. Mountain Products Smokehouse is approximately 35 miles from HFFC. 

Hardwick Beef
Northeast Regional

Hardwick Beef partners with more than 75 small family farms across the Northeast to raise cattle with old-fashioned grass-fed and grass-finished methods and humane standards of care and without any antibiotics or added hormones. Hardwick Beef believes in guarding natural resources and limiting the use of fertilizers and pesticides.