Recipes: Sybille’s Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate

Everybody wants to hang out at Sybille’s house for the holidays. Why? VEGAN MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Our Kitchen Manager, Sybille, doesn’t just work her magic with scones; she’s also a wiz with beverages and cocktails, creating some truly cozy, comforting brews. We can’t wait to try this one!


13 oz can organic coconut milk

Taza organic Mexican chocolate

Tiny Pinch salt

Tiny pinch cayenne

Serves 2 teacups


Heat and whisk coconut milk in a saucepan and remove from heat just before boiling. Add salt and cayenne and 4 tablespoons grated Taza chocolate, whisk and serve immediately.

(May also be enjoyed with a splash of rum, framboise or gran marnier … *wink)

Many Taza chocolate flavors available at the co op, vanilla, cinnamon, salted almond.

A fun vegan and gluten free version of hot chocolate and a festive treat for the winter season!