Cari's Winter Sangria Punch


This easy, non-alcoholic cocktail was such a hit at our anniversary sampling, that we are passing it along to you. Share it with guests at your holiday party. It's perfect for any gathering, and all of the ingredients can be picked up right at HFFC. Magnificent!


1 gallon Cadia Organic Gravenstein Apple Juice

1 (25.4oz) bottle of Cadia Organic Pomegranate Sparkling Italian Soda

1 Liter Field Day Lemon Seltzer

2 (12 oz.) bottles of Maine Root Ginger Brew

 Seeds of 1 organic pomegranate

2 organic oranges

2 organic apples

1 small bunch of grapes

Ginger to taste

Cinnamon sticks to taste


Chop apples and grapes into bites.

Slice oranges, remove pomegranate seeds

Add all liquid ingredients into punch bowl. 

Add solid ingredients and stir. 

*If you're making this ahead of time, add the carbonated beverages last, right before serving. 


RecipesJames Wolfrecipes, Cari