Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-orders

The holidays are a time for food, family, and friends. At High Falls Food Co-op, we strive to serve our members and shoppers in the best, most efficient way possible, while providing them with the highest quality food available. So, with Thanksgiving right around the corner… let’s talk turkey. 

We source our turkeys from two local farms, Hidden Camp Farm and Campenelli’s Poultry Farm. Turkeys purchased from High Falls Food Co-op will need to be special ordered, but first… let’s take a look at our options.  

This year, Hidden Camp Farm has raised fifteen turkeys specifically for High Falls Food Co-op. Three 10-12 pound turkeys, ten 13-15 pound turkeys, and two 16-18 pound turkeys will be available. Hidden Camp Farm turkeys are organic and pasture raised. “No growth hormones, GMO’s or antibiotics are used on Hidden Camp Farm.  Fresh air, sunshine and room to roam are our preferred methods of keeping our animals healthy,” says Hidden Camp. 

Campanelli turkeys are all natural, antibiotic free, and raised in open air barns. Many more turkeys will be available through Camanelli’s Poultry Farm, though they will still need to be special ordered. In addition to turkeys, Campanelli chickens will also be available in the store for the holiday season, though special ordering them is also advised. 

High Falls Food Co-op members and shoppers can now place their turkey pre-orders at the registers. The deadline for sign-up is November 17, 2017. A $20 deposit is required for all turkey pre-orders. If you have any additional questions regarding your holiday turkeys and chickens please give us call. You can also speak to our meat and cheese manager, Kelly Collinson, at the co-op. 

We are looking forward to sharing the joy of the holidays with you, our beloved food co-op community. We will do everything we can to assist you in this coming season. We hope it is filled with peace, love, and healthy food for everyone.