Natural Dyes with Rachelle Tolwin

We recently had the pleasure of talking to one of our very creative co-op members, Rachelle Tolwin, about her business, Little Mountain Kids. Using natural dyes, Rachelle creates stylish, eco-friendly, toxin-free children's clothing. As we’ve gotten to know Rachelle, she’s shared her passion and her process with us during her visits to the co-op to pick up food for her family and supplies for her business. We asked Rachelle to share more with us about what she does, and a recipe for homemade dye. She kindly obliged. 

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HFFC Meeting Schedule

As a member owned co-operative, HFFC runs on community involvement. We encourage our members, new and old, to get involved by attending our semi-annual members meetings, joining our board or one of our committees, or volunteering your time as a working member. We are so fortunate to have such a supportive and committed community. Below is a list of information for our standing HFFC meetings. 

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Cari's Winter Sangria Punch

This easy, non-alcoholic cocktail was such a hit at our anniversary sampling, that we are passing it along to you. Share it with guests at your holiday party. It's perfect for any gathering, and all of the ingredients can be picked up right at HFFC. Magnificent!

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Inside HFFC

From the surface, you could perceive HFFC as another natural and health food store.  We carry a good deal of similar items, side by side, with some comparative food stores.  But here is our “twist”---

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Recipes: Sarah's Vegan Coconut Thai Curry

Many people appreciate the fact that we stock curry leaves in our produce department. Though, just as often as we hear thanks for this, we also receive the question, "What do you do with them?" Well... we make curry of course!  Inspired by this, we asked our resident vegan cashier (who happens to be an amazing cook) Sarah to share with us her recipe for Coconut Thai Curry.

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Standards: About Our Fresh Meat

We at High Falls Food Co-op take sourcing seriously. We want to make sure our members and shoppers are being offered the best, healthiest, and most sustainable foods available. We strive to make sure that you are fully informed an empowered when shopping with us. The following is a list of our regional and local fresh meat providers. “Fresh meat” meaning meat that is not frozen, and found in our meat and cheese case. 

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