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Our friends at High Falls Conservancy have been keeping us up to date on the progress of the High Falls Route 213 bridge via their Facebook page. Here’s their report from May 8th, 2017:


“Iron is here! After long months of work over the winter, the bridge abutments appear ready to receive the massive spans of steel that will become key support for the new bridge. On Friday May 5, a parade of three trucks loaded with massive steel girders appeared on old Rte 213, waiting to be installed. Here are some pictures of the steel that will soon be a part of our new bridge. Reports tell us that the bridge is on schedule!”


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photos: High Falls Conservancy


Our friends at the BlueStone Press had this news to offer from their April 21, 2017 edition:

“With 10 weeks of construction left to go, construction on the Route 213 bridge in High Falls is progressing on schedule. Project manager for Harrison & Burrowes, Francis Bossolini, said that even in spite of the blizzard that hit the region on March 14, the project should be completed by its expected delivery date of June 30.

‘We’re designing and constructing to minimize any vulnerabilities to scour and other water-related incidents. There are some design elements in there that reduce some of the features that caused vulnerabilities in the bridges in the past,’ Bossolini said during a community meeting in December. The new bridge is expected to reach a lifespan of 50 to 75 years.” -Jodi La Marco, BSP Reporter¬†