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Frozen Fish

Orca Bay (Renton, WA)

Orca Bay seafood is wild caught and sourced from every ocean of the world. They work hard to provide the highest quality frozen seafood available – always all natural and additive free, frozen immediately after harvest at the very peak of freshness. Their tuna is 100% dolphin safe

Orca Bay is committed to ensuring that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that working conditions in its supply chain are safe. In addition it is expected that the business activities of its suppliers are in accordance with applicable international, national and local environmental and sustainability laws and associated regulations.

Henry and Lisa’s Natural Seafood (Dover, NH)

Henry and Lisa’s wild caught seafood is all-natural — the way nature intended. There are no preservatives, dyes, growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, moisture retainers, carbon monoxide, tasteless smoke, etc. Henry and Lisa’s procurement strategy is to be as vertically integrated as possible. They meet with and work directly with fishers and their seaside communities. This assures they get the top of the catch, guarantees the harvest method and whenever possible returns a premium to the fishers. Their goal is to support the existing infrastructure in the industry and partner with processors who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Natural Sea

Natural Sea is committed to sustainable fishing. They offer wild caught  seafood products that, individually, meet the guidelines established by various independent agencies including the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Marine Stewardship Council, Blue Ocean Institute, and Earth Island Institute.

All of their tuna is Non-GMO Project Verified. Their products contain no MSG or preservatives.

Smoked Fish

Catsmo Artisan Smokehouse (Wallkill, NY) 

All fish arrives fresh–never frozen—to Catsmo Artisan Smokehouse just hours after being pulled from the icy cold waters in which they were raised. Each fish is inspected both by sight and by smell. Catsmo is committed to upholding high standards and proven artisanal techniques to continue to produce the best smoked salmon available in NY. While their products are all-natural, HFFC does carry their organic smoked salmon as well, which is from some of the most remote salmon farm sites in the world, situated within the most pristine waters along magnificent and rugged coastline, windswept and storm tossed for much of the year.. These salmon are raised totally organically, no chemicals, antibiotics, or medications and fed with only organic food.