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High Falls Food Co-op has a deep love and appreciation for the natural gifts given to us by the Earth, especially the gifts you can eat– like olives! In their raw form olives can be a delicious snacks or a flavor and texture enhancer for meals. We carry a wide variety of olives from all over the world. Divina, La Medina, and Frutto d’Italia provide a beautiful variety to us on a weekly basis. Did you know there are laws regulating & banning the spraying of pesticides on olive trees all over the world? We take special care to provide our members and shoppers with olives from farms which follow these laws and sustainable practices. Below is a guide to the types and providers of the quality olives available at High Falls Food Co-op in our fresh meat and cheese case.


Divina olives represent the core values of the Co-op; authentic taste, traceable, & superb quality. They harvest and cure their olives according to centuries old methods. They have an organic line produced with out pesticides, colorings, or additives. They also have an all-natural line which is 100% non-gmo an free of pesticides.

Greek Mix (Greece)- a beautiful blend of Mt. Athos Green, Mt. Pelion black and blond, Kalamata Gordel, and Nafplian. Seasoned with wild herbs this blend creates a delightful medley of flavors.

Kalamata (Greece)- delightfully fruity, full-bodied olive grown in Greece Peloponnese Peninsula. Essential for Greek salads and perfect for olive bread, pizzas, and pasta sauces.

Castelvetrano (Italy)- named after a town in the Northwestern coast of Sicily, naturally bright apple green with no additives. This meaty, buttery, juicy olive has a mild and sweet flavor with undertones of artichoke.

Tapenade- this wonderful chopped Tapenade is made with Halkidiki Green olives, Kalamata’s, sweet Florina peppers, zesty capers, garlic, sunflower oil, Red wine vinegar, grape must, sea salt, & citric acid. YUM

La Medina

La Medina olives imported from all over the whole are an all-natural healthy distributor. We are very grateful for their curing processes and clean practices.

Ascolana (Peru)- the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine are captured in this fiery olive marinade made with traditional Chile peppers  (Limo, Rococo Aji and paprika) the mild, buttery green olive provides balance to the blend of fruity and spicy peppers.

Beldi (Morocco)- earthy rich olive will warm your palette with their bold, fruity filled flavor, superb alongside roasted meats and in coucous.

Frutto d’Italia

Frutto d’Italia happily provides us with our Italian olives. Italian olive farmers follow admirable agricultural practices. Country-wide they do not spray their olives with pesticides.

Antipasto (Italy)- dry and flavorful mix of olives with garlic and peppers, great for any bbq or before dinner.

Gaeta (Italy)- earthy & fruity, great for salads and snacking

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