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We are gratefully anticipating the opening of the new High Falls Route 213 Bridge, scheduled for June 30, 2017. In just a matter of days we will see the completion of months of work for which we’ve had a front row seat. We want to thank all of our beloved members and shoppers who braved the detour and supported us through this exciting but challenging time. We are eager to get back to business as usual with a safe and functioning bridge. To celebrate this occasion, High Falls is having a celebration…. the High Falls Fair Day/ Bridge Grand Opening! July 8th, 2017! We’re joining our neighbors in this beautiful community to welcome back the flow of traffic with fun, sales, sampling, and prizes!

Beginning June 20th, when you shop the co-op and spend $25 or more and you will receive a raffle ticket which will enter you to win a gift basket filled with some of our best loved items available at the food co-op. Drawing will be held on July 8th. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more information as it becomes available.

We’ll also be celebrating High Falls Fair Day with tastings of food from our very own kitchen and from some of our treasured vendors. Additionally, we’ll be honored to receive a Native American blessing and experience a lively drum circle. What fun! But the good times don’t end there.

For the entire month of July we’ll be having sales, sales, SALES! We’re planning on offering more discounts and promotions than ever before for the entire month! Check in often because we’ll be holding samplings and demos every Friday and Saturday culminating in a HFFC Farmers Market at the end of July.

Thanks again to our community. Without you, the co-op just wouldn’t be the same. Without your support the bridge closing could have seriously effected us in a negative way— but you all showed up for us, and this July we’re going to be better than ever! With a brand new bridge to boot! Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your dedication and love over not only the past few months, but for the past 40 years.

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Our friends at High Falls Conservancy have been keeping us up to date on the progress of the High Falls Route 213 bridge via their Facebook page. Here’s their report from May 8th, 2017:


“Iron is here! After long months of work over the winter, the bridge abutments appear ready to receive the massive spans of steel that will become key support for the new bridge. On Friday May 5, a parade of three trucks loaded with massive steel girders appeared on old Rte 213, waiting to be installed. Here are some pictures of the steel that will soon be a part of our new bridge. Reports tell us that the bridge is on schedule!”


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photos: High Falls Conservancy


Our friends at the BlueStone Press had this news to offer from their April 21, 2017 edition:

“With 10 weeks of construction left to go, construction on the Route 213 bridge in High Falls is progressing on schedule. Project manager for Harrison & Burrowes, Francis Bossolini, said that even in spite of the blizzard that hit the region on March 14, the project should be completed by its expected delivery date of June 30.

‘We’re designing and constructing to minimize any vulnerabilities to scour and other water-related incidents. There are some design elements in there that reduce some of the features that caused vulnerabilities in the bridges in the past,’ Bossolini said during a community meeting in December. The new bridge is expected to reach a lifespan of 50 to 75 years.” -Jodi La Marco, BSP Reporter 


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BRIDGE PROGRESS REPORT from Wednesday, March 8, 2017

“Bridge work is coming along nicely. Workers are attaching the “wings” to the outer framework where concrete was poured two weeks ago on the east side. In the photos below, you will see wing forms and canvas hoods over the east side poured concrete, with a heating plant visible that is keeping the concrete at a constant temperature required for curing properly.
On the west side, the four foot deep base of concrete forms went up, and concrete has been poured, as pictured below. Now the framework is going up for pouring into the outer wall. You can see the base form and covered concrete in the two pictures below. Next steps will mirror what was done on the east side.
While all this is going on, constant measuring and testing of standards is being applied by a firm whose responsibility is to assure that all concrete cures correctly, and even down to the strength specifications for rebar buried deep within the concrete.”





All text and photos via High Falls Conservancy